Hours: Monday thru Thursday: 7:30-11, 2:30-6, Friday: 7:30-11
Dr. Keith is out of office Tuesday ALL DAY & Thursday AM
Dr. Keith is traveling A TON! PLEASE call to see if he is in before you come. 
Chiropractic techniques and practices have had a long rich history.  Beginning in 1895, the techniques were pretty rudimentary and have since advanced to include many different methods to restore and improve neuro-spinal integrity.  When Dr. Kimberlin began receiving adjustments from a chiropractor in 2000, there were limited approaches to assessing and treating subluxations, misalignments and health problems.  As technology and research grew, the chiropractic care field has exploded with exciting new protocols from treating everyone from newborn babies to world class athletes.

Over the past 14 years Dr. Kimberlin has studied many techniques, both traditional and esoteric, so today he can provide a full spectrum of options to suit the needs of each patient. His techniques vary from very light energy contacts (only enough pressure to dent a marshmallow) to more aggressive treatments.  Some techniques used daily include Neuromuscular Integration Technique, AMIT, Nasal Cranial Technique, OTZ, and many more. His clinical goals are to find the cause of your problems and correct them in it as few visits as possible while creating permanent change.

Whether you need an occasional tune-up or have a complex chronic injury, we are confident we have a technique that can benefit you.

Some of the chiropractic techniques Dr. Kimberlin uses daily:

Neuromuscular Balance Technique
Structural Spinal Adjustments
Extremity Adjustments
Advanced Muscular Integration Technique/Advanced Level
OTZ Technique
Myofascial Release
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What is the difference between Dr. Kimberlin's office and other chiropractors?

We believe chiropractic is the anchor for everything we do. Dr. Kimberlin has been receiving chiropractic adjustments for over two decades and has felt it has literally been one of the biggest advantages to helping him lead a healthy and productive life. As Dr. Kimberlin’s career advanced, he began seeing more and more patients that needed not only chiropractic care, but additional support and techniques to diagnose and solve complex problems. He was also keenly aware that patients had high expectations of improvements in their health in shorter and shorter time periods.

For this reason Dr. Kimberlin has sought out the best people in his field to continue his post graduate work studies. Over the past 14 years he has learned from some of the best chiropractors in the country who treat hundreds of the top athletes in the world. Dr. Kimberlin has integrated their techniques into his practice and will continue to learn as much as he can to help you get well faster.

Why do you adjust?

There are three main goals for manipulation in our office.
  1. To restore normal muscle tone and joint mechanics to the muscles surrounding a spinal or extremity joint. This will increase proprioception and decrease pain at the sensory cortex.
  2. To release a physical adhesion in the joint or along the joint surfaces.
  3. To improve the energy flow from the brain to all body parts over the nervous system.

How does an adjustment restore normal muscle tone
and mechanics to spinal and extremity joints?

The nervous system is constantly monitoring the stability and safety of all of the joints in the body. If the body perceives instability or a threat of injury to a joint, the brain will change the tone of the muscle surrounding the at-risk joint. This change of programming is often felt as stiff and painful joints. Manipulation of the joints resets the nervous system pattern around the joint in question in the same way hitting control-alt-delete resets a computer that has locked up. Resetting the nervous system allows the body’s own healing process to proceed and accept other therapies with less interference.

How do you adjust?

Dr. Kimberlin employs many types of joint and spinal adjusting. He performs traditional manual work with his hands, light contact entrainments using an activator, and also uses an instrument assisted adjusting tool (Impulse IQ). http://goimpulse.com

Do I have to be manually (structurally) adjusted?

Patients have various previous experiences with joint manipulation or what we call “structural adjusting”. If you have a strong feeling towards a particular style of adjustment or if you would rather not be structurally adjusted at all, please note it on your intake forms or inform the doctor. Dr. Kimberlin has more than 13 years of experience using a variety of techniques, some of which don’t involve any “cracking” or high velocity motions. We want you to be comfortable.