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-Anne-Marie Shumate
Major Complaint: "Neck and shoulder pain, hip pain due to all the lifting and moving and holding a camera all day in my profession."

Chiropractic Results: "Thanks to Total Health Chiropractic I have no more pain! I have changed my eating habits, and enjoy a much healthier lifestyle. I look forward to many more years of Total Health."
"In January 2009 I had a very serious disease and was on medication that was making me feel worse instead of better. Rather than fill my body with more poisons, I started seeing Dr. Kimberlin because I wanted more natural options. Dr. Kimberlin immediately put me on the cleanse, which I have now done four times. I have learned so much about my body, nutrition, and medications from attending his Monday night Health Talks. Through good nutrition, supplements, and chiropractic adjustments I am now disease and medication free. I tell everyone I know about Total Health Chiropractic. I am a single teacher with two young boys and because of Dr. Kimberlin I am here today, and all of us are healthy!"
-Belenda Carter
-Rui Emerson
Major Complaint: "Excess weight, fatigued, stressed, on several prescriptions. While I don't want to be a slave to my appearance, I do want to be as healthy and strong as I can possibly be."

Chiropractic Results: "Loss of excess weight and am off all prescription drugs! I feel great and others have noticed the changes I have made!"
I've lost 35 pounds .
 I have no more pain and I sleep deeply and have more energy than I've had in years! Thanks Dr. Kimberlin!
-Dena Limpede
My headaches are gone. 
I have regained my energy
I am so thankful!
-Judy Tyler
Pottsboro, TX
Sherman, TX
I had chronic headaches my entire life until I started getting adjusted.
I have no more headaches.
Thanks Dr. Kimberlin!
-Bill Plauche
Sheman, TX
I feel healthy & have energy!
My son's 
asthma is gone!
I will trade prescription drugs for regular adjustments any day!
-Carol Beale
Sherman, TX
Chiropractic Results: “After suffering for 30 years with as many as 18-24 migraines a month, I found some relief by taking a seizure drug daily. The side effects of the drug were not as bad as the headaches, but they were very troubling, especially the liver implications and the tremor. Dr. Kimberlin told me he had successfully treated others who were able to stop taking the same prescription drug. Not only did the work on my neck and allow me to wean off the drug, I learned that Dr. Kimberlin is actually able to POP a migraine away! Whereas before I would almost have an anxiety attack when my migraine pills were gone I now just jump in the car and head to his office! I drive out of the parking lot in amazement that minutes prior I was winking and applying pressure to my eye socket and now I feel perfectly normal.”
-Ginger Nye
I lost 22 pounds andl
my allergies have settled down.
I have also been able to get off seven medications. I have never felt better.
-Mike Noles
Pottsboro, TX
Major Complaint: “Stiff neck, headaches and lower back problems, unable to sleep well - I would have to get up 4-6 times every night.”

Chiropractic Results: “I no longer have headaches. I sleep very well and my neck and lower back are much better. Almost as good as new! Not bad for 75 years old!”
-Jerry Walker
I'm sleeping at night now, 
my energy is through the roof
      and my mood is fabulous!
-Heather Marshal-
Sherman, TX
I've lost 18lbs and my
blood pressure
    is finally in a normal range!is finally in a normal rangeand my mood is fabulous!
-Alan Scheibmeir
Sherman, TX

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